2021 Film Festival

Tuesday, December 14, 2021 8:30 am – 10:00 am EST/GMT-5

This is an online event. Join via Zoom.

An Online Event

2021 Film Festival

The OSUN Visual Storytelling for Civic Engagement celebrates 19 student-made videos from across the OSUN Network. Screening will be followed by online voting for the following awards:

Full films can be seen below. This is an online event. Join via Zoom.


Please see films below in order of screening during festival.

The Factory Floor

Nazia Zafrin, Sheikh Ikraah Taiyaba, Alvi Saddman Sakib, Affifa Jahan


Divided: Segregation in NYC Public School System

Justyne Ingwu, Isabel Ahmed, Andrai Bailey


and they shall speak with new tongues

Elizaveta Zhitkevich, Kate Filippova, Marharyta Shysha



Taranchieva Darika, Momunkulov Bektemir, Shermambetov Nursultan


Contamination of Hudson River

Chu Liu, Jingyi Mao


Gender stereotypes about women in STEM

Sezim Kanatova, Zharkynai Maratbek kyzy, Agelina Ulanbek Kyzy


Dogs of Dhaka

Elham Nusrat, Yeamin Ahmed, Puja Sarkar, Tuba Fatima Binte Zahid


MitMachMusik and its Journey to Success

Accad Alsaed, Ehab Badwi

BARD Berlin

Arts for Restorative Justice

Anna Schupack, Jahari Fraser, May Pocsy, Sonita Alizada, and Sydney Oshuna


Closed For Today: Effects of COVID-19 on students of Higher Education

Tasfia Kamal, Masuba Aaron, Upama Adhikary, Payal Kumari Sah, Farhin Ahmed


TODAY IS LATE; Climate change in Kyrgyzstan

Payendeh nick Nargis, Kurmanova Elina and Abdullaev Umar


Dirt Stories

Heather Phelps-Lipton


Children of migrants; separation

Tursunbay, Evgenii Igorovich


Berlin's Squatting Scene

Taylor Saling and Ezgi Karayel

BARD Berlin

Mental Cage

Darya Gusmanova, Maria Pankova, Umsunai Bulatova


Still Human

Christopher Dominguez, Sasha Qvist


A Story That Eye Witnessed

Nancy Rualzapar Bawm, Tanzil Talat Anonto, Bayazid Hossain, Antara Farnaz Khan, Muntaqa Nawar Binte Hakim


Surviving the Taliban

Susan Azizi, Nicholas Andersen


The Dividing Line

Will Brumley, Sawyer Brown, Hugo Patterson, Zariah Calliste


Meet The Faculty


Each campus participating will have local hands-on training and mentoring with our local instructor teams, as well as access to international experts and guest speakers.

Adam Stepan
Filmmaker, Annandale + Cross Course Instructor
Nurzhamal Karamoldoeva
Filmmaker, Bishkek Based Instructor
Dina Hossain
Filmmaker, Dkaka Based Instructor

September - December 2021



September / October 2021

Weeks #1-4 – An introduction to Camera Basics, Interviewing and Editing

October / November 2021

Weeks #5-8 – Field production on project with consultations and master classes on editing

November / December 2021

Weeks #9-13 – Video editing and final film festival

Using the Smartphone Stabilizer
Student Produced Cases




It is expected that all students will have their own smartphones, and ideally their own laptops. Editing is also available at various campuses. Smart phone stabilizers, lights and microphones will be provided, as will access to editing software and support.


Zoom Sessions + Local Labs

Thursdays 8:30am - 9:40am EST we will have live sessions on zoom connecting students across campuses. Local teams will also meet for weekly labs and hands-on trainings with gear and editing equipment (see local campuses for schedule), with support and mentoring by local “OSUN Digital Fellows”.


Team Projects + Film Festival

Students will work in groups of 3-4 students each on semester-long documentary projects in their local area, and will receive limited financial support for local production costs. All films will be featured in the end-of-semester OSUN film festival!

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Registration for this 4 Bard Credit / 8 ECTS Credits Course open to all Bard and OSUN affiliated students! Here are links for sign up at each school:

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